Artist Statement

Hello, I’m Pat. I grew up on a large mountain cattle ranch on the western slope of Colorado. I was drawn to horses, cattle, and wildlife from a very early age. While other girls wanted to be ballerinas, I wanted to be a cowgirl. I succeeded. I loved the sometime stark and wild beauty of the ranches and our state and federal parks. The rugged beauty, textures, and colors found in the wild and western United States and animals influence my art.

I always loved art and sold my first piece while in Junior High School. I moved to the Front Range of Colorado to work and life became too busy for art with a job as an engineer, writer, rancher, and competing in rodeo. I have finally been able to move back to the Western Slope of Colorado where there is lots of wildlife and fewer people.

I picked my artwork back up a few years back and have run forward with it since then in a number of different art forms and mediums. My mediums vary from charcoal, oil and acrylic painting, pyrography (wood burning) on watercolor paper, photography, and leather art. My themes stay mostly in the west of domestic animals, wildlife, and landscapes.

Professional Memberships

  •    Delta Fine Arts
  •    Cowgirl Artists of America–founding memberCowgirl Artists of America
  •    American Impressionistic Society




Pat Sloss grew up on a large ranch in Gunnison, Colorado.  While growing up she knew she enjoyed art but after high school worked at several different jobs trying to decide what she would be when she grew up.  One of those jobs was as a buckaroo on a half million acre ranch out of Oasis Nevada.

She moved back to Colorado and in a strange turn of events, went to college and became a Biomedical Electrical Engineer.  Work kept her busy and traveling but she always had cattle, horses and competed in rodeo on the side.  Life was just too busy to make any art.

When an accident sidelined her, she picked up art again and has become a self-taught artist.   She moved back to the Western Slope of Colorado where there were fewer people and lots of wildlife.  Pat has received awards for her art and has sold her art in the US and Europe in person, galleries, shows and on her website.